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Mass Effect 3 DLC Weapons Cheats Mod: Everything You Need to Know

Increase number of sound chanels to prevent sound clippingbioengine.ini > xaudio2 > xaudio2deviceMaxChannels=64Reduce the amount of time the notification boxes displaybiogame.ini > sfxgame > biohintsystembase > m_notificationdataChange DisplayTime=X.X to something like 0.5Expand Normandy's Scan RangeJust one click and you can find all the stuff in a system.biogame.ini > sfxgame > bioplanetchange m_fscandetectionrange=60 to m_fscandetectionrange=999Find Interaction Objects More EasilySet the highlight distance further so you can see the orange parenthases from further away.biogame.ini > sfxgame > bioplayerselectionchange maxhighlightrange=800 to maxhighlightrange=9999Eliminate the Weight PenaltyMakes it so you can carry as many weapons as you like, and the power cooldown bonus will remain at 200%biogame.ini > sfxgame > sfxcharacterclassChange both encumbrancemaxcooldown and encumbrancemincooldown to -2.0fThis allows you to use powers more often.Get Maximum Talent Points for All Squad MembersGenerate enough skill points to max all skills at level 60.biogame.ini > sfxgame > sfxgameconfig > levelrewardsChange the rewards to TalentReward=19 and HenchmanTalentReward=18If you're not starting at level 1 (i.e. you're partway through a game, imported a game , or started a new game plus), go to the next level and change that line.Remove Shared Power CooldownWhen you use a power, only that power will go on cooldown.biogame.ini > sfxgame > sfxgameconfig Change bshieldsblockpowers to FALSE.Alter Intel Bonus ValuesIf you want more than 5% from any particular bonus.biogame.ini > sfxgame > sfxpawn > player > permanentgameeffectsFor each of the 13 intel drops (26 total), change Value=0.05. For example: Value=0.05 is a 5% bonus, and Value=0.10 is a 10% bonus.Reapers' Detection Sensitivity and Chase SpeedsMakes it so they don't find or catch you as quickly.biogame.ini > sfxgamecontent > sfxgalaxymapreaperHow quickly they catch up to you: acceleration = 5.0 - lower this to slow them down.How easily they find you: m_scandetectionrange = 300 - lower this to make the Normandy harder for them to find.How fast they can go: maxspeed = 67.5 - lower this to slow them down when they do appear.Unlock Every WeaponTired of waiting until the end of the game to get that cool weapon?bioinput.ini > sfxgame > sfxgamemodedefault > bindingsAdd this line: ( Name="NumPadZero", Command="giveitem self argus giveitem self avenger giveitem self cobra giveitem self collector giveitem self falcon giveitem self gethplasma giveitem self mattock giveitem self reckoning giveitem self revenant giveitem self saber giveitem self valkyrie giveitem self vindicator giveitem self carnifex giveitem self eagle giveitem self ivory giveitem self phalanx giveitem self predator giveitem self scorpion giveitem self talon giveitem self thor giveitem self claymore giveitem self crusader giveitem self disciple giveitem self eviscerator giveitem self graal giveitem self katana giveitem self raider giveitem self scimitar giveitem self striker giveitem self hornet giveitem self hurricane giveitem self locust giveitem self shuriken giveitem self tempest giveitem self blackwidow giveitem self incisor giveitem self indra giveitem self javelin giveitem self mantis giveitem self raptor giveitem self valiant giveitem self viper giveitem self widow giveitem self sfxweapon_shotgun_geth giveitem self sfxweapon_assaultrifle_prothean giveitem self sfxweapon_assaultrifle_lancer" )

Mass Effect 3 Dlc Weapons Cheats Mod

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  • Skip conversations without accidentally choosing responsesbioinput.ini > sfxgame > sfxgamemodeconversationReplace the line with the skip command to this:( Name=\"SpaceBar\",Command=\"set BioConversationController m_bSkipRequested true OnRelease set BioConversationController m_bSkipRequested false\")Change Field of View (FOV)This zooms out slightly so you can see more of what's around Shepard. When you get control of Shepard, hit the F11 key. This should last until you exit the game.bioinput.ini > sfxgame > sfxgamemodedefault > bindingsAt the bottom of the list, add ( Name="F12", Command="set SFXGame.SFXCameraMode FOV 100" ) to a value between 80-120. 100 works well. This is the only method that won't screw up the game's cutscenes.You can also add other lines with other hotkeys and FOVs.Speed of the Planet Scan ReticleWhen you're scanning a planet and you want to not move the mouse so much.bioinput.ini > sfxgame > sfxgamemodeorbitalWhen not scanning: change reticledegreespersecond=90 to a higher number to make it go faster.When scanning: change scanningreticledegreespersecond=35 and scanningplanetrotationdegreespersecond=25 to higher numbers to make it go faster.Editing War AssetsIf you don't want to have to play multiplayer to get to 100%, this is how. Actually, it's not really necesary if you have all the DLC installed. Note that this will only work for new games, or for assets you have yet to acquire. Rather than change all of them (there are a lot), just pick one you know you'll acquire and change it to 90000.bioui.ini > sfxgame > sfxgawarassethandler > allassetsTo change the value of a War Asset, edit the "StartingStrength" value. To negate the Galactic Readiness penalty, for example, you can double all the values. Example:(ID=0,AssetName="GAWAsset_AllianceEngineeringCorp",Type=GAWAssetType_Military,SubType=GAWAssetSubType_Ground,StartingStrength=260,GUIName=715401,GUIDescription=715515,bIsExploration=False,UnlockPlotStates[0]=0,GUICategoryID=1,DebugConditionalDescription="None",bShowNotificationOnAward=false,ImagePath="gui_codex_images.galaxyAtWar.GM_HumansNoArmor_512x256",NotificationImagePath="")Eliminate Store MarkupEliminates the 10% more that the Normandy charges over the stores on the Citadel. The 10% graphic will still appear on the Normandy's Procurement Interface screen, though.bioui.ini > sfxgamecontent > sfxgamechoiceguidata > storedata > normandyChange markuppercent = 0.1f to markuppercent to 0.0fUnlock Stores & Bonus PowersAllow access to Bonus Powers and the Citadel's stores before you've unlocked them in-game. Normally, you have to visit a store on the Citadel in order to have access to it on the Normandy, and you have to complete a certain Priority Mission to unlock one of the Bonus Powers in Med-Bay. You'll still need to get to that point in the plot where you're allowed access, though.Stores: bioui.ini > sfxgamecontent > sfxgamechoiceguidata > storedata > normandy > storeitemarray Bonus Powers: bioui.ini > sfxgamecontent > sfxgamechoiceguidata > storedata > bonuspowers > storeitemarrayTo unlock each item, remove PlotUnlockConditionalID=XXXX from each line you want to unlockIncrease Normandy's Fuel CapacityGo farther before refuling.bioweapon.ini > sfxgame > sfxinventorymanagerchange maxfuel=1000 to maxfuel=9999 or higher.Improve Normandy's Fuel EfficiencyUse less fuel per parsec or eliminate it entirely.bioweapon.ini > sfxgame > sfxinventorymanagerchange fuelefficiency=1.5 to fuelefficiency=1.0 to reduce fuel usage a bit, or fuelefficiency=0.0 to eliminate fuel usage entirely.MediGel & Grenade QuantitiesAlter how much MediGel and how many Grenades you can carry.bioweapon.ini > sfxgame > sfxinventorymanagerChange maximedigel=3 and maxgrenades=3 to alter the base number of how many you can carry.When you buy upgrades in game, the max number will increas accordingly.Infinite AmmoMakes it so you essentially have an unlimited number of clips.bioweapon.ini > sfxgame > sfxweaponScroll down past the weapon names and change all of the entries that say binfiniteammo=false to binfiniteammo=trueNote that this does not seem to work for DLC weapons, even if you edit those .bin files.Squadmate DamageAlter how much damage your squadmates do with weapons.bioweapon.ini > sfxgame > sfxweaponScroll down past the weapon names and change damagehench=0.3f to damagehench=1.0fThis will change it from the default of 30% of Shepard's damage to 100%.Editing Weapon Propertiesbioweapon.ini > sfxgamecontent > sfxweapon > type > nameDamage=(X=368.3,Y=368.3) -The damage each shot doesDamageAI=0.95f - The ratio of the above damage an enemy will do with this weaponDamageHench=0.57f - The ratio of the damage a squad mate will do with this weaponRateOfFire=(X=70,Y=70) - Self explanatory (I'm not sure how the numbers tranlsate to seconds)RateOfFireAI=1.0f - The ratio of the above for enemiesMagSize=(X=1,Y=1) - Ammount of ammo in a clipLowAmmoSoundThreshold=0 - How many shots left when the "click" sound of an empty clip will playbUseSniperCam=true - Whether or not this weapon will go into slomo when zoomingbIsAutomatic=false - Whether or not you need to click for every shotbInfiniteAmmo=false* - Whether or not the weapon has infinite clipsInitialMagazines=12 - How many clips the weapon starts a mission withMaxSpareAmmo=(X=12,Y=12) - How many clips this weapon can atually holdConsole Cheats Download - Extract the .dll files into ..\Mass Effect 3\Binaries\Win32\ or use ME3 Tweaks Mod Manager

  • When playing in-game simply press the (tilde key), above tab (also known as ` (grave)) to open the console, then type in the desired cheat. The TAB key brings up a single box at the bottom of the screen, if you prefer.

  • Do not play multiplayer with these in effect. Instead, restore your backup before going online.

Note 1: I haven't tested all these codes, so use them at your own risk.Note 2: If you want to get REALLY crazy specific with the cheats, see this guide: Mass Effect Wiki.Note 3: These are NOT Case-Sensitive, I just typed them that way to make it easier to read. Show Fogtoggle fog off/on Godenable god mode - Shepard can't die, unless you fall off a cliff Flyenable fly mode Ghostfly through walls Walkreturn to normal speed and on foot TeleportMove player to location in crosshairs EnablePowerCooldown 0Enables instant power cooldown. EnablePowerCooldown 1Disables instant power cooldown. KillTargetKills the target under the reticule KillEnemiesKills all enemies currently spawned on the map KillPartyKills your squad KillPawnsremoves squadmates and kills nearby enemies KillSelfOr Suicide - kills Shepard ToggleFlyCamToggles Free Camera mode ShotTakes a screenshot ToggleHUDAlso ShowHUD - shows most of the HUD SlowMo #Changes the game speed. #=2 is twice as fast, #=0.5 is half as fast GiveXP #replace # with desired number of experience points SetParagon #replace # with desired number of paragon points SetRenegade #replace # with desired number of renegade points AdjustCredits #replace # with desired number of credits (can also be negative) GiveTalentPoints #replace # with desired number of talent points (can also be negative) InitGrenades #Set number of grenades, replace # with a number InitMedigel #Sets amount of medi-gel, replace # with a number InitCredits #Sets the party credits, replace # with a number InitAmmo #Sets amount of ammo to # InitFuel #Sets amount of fuel to # InitFuelEfficiency #Fuel consumption rate. 1=default 0.5=half 0=uses no fuel AdjustCredits XIncrements or decrements the party's credits, replace X with a number preceded by + or - e.g. AdjustCredits +1000000000 GivePower Target PGives the target a bonus power, see list below for how to replace P GiveItem Target WGives the target a weapon, see list below for how to replace W ExitExits the game RestartLevelRestarts the level EnableDamage 0Disables damage done by you and everyone else EnableDamage 1Enables damage done by you and everyone else ce Hench_PickAnyselect any henchmen from full list where you are standing ce Hench_EmptyPlay solo. Don't do this where a squadmate is required for the mission ce Hench_SetupSquad_NoFadeteleports squad to shepard's location GrantAllCodexUnlocks all the Codex Entries ShowWeaponSelectionopens loadout menu. SetAllWeaponModLevels # set all acquired weapon mods to level # (1 to 5) GiveSuperGun9999 ammo & super damage for equipped weapon at BioP_Norteleport to the Normandy (I sometimes get stuck in the Silver Sun Strip)Valid Targets:Anderson (tutorial mission on Earth)AshleyAria (DLC Omega)EDIGarrusJamesJavik (DLC From Ashes)KaidanLiaraNyreen (DLC Omega)Self (The Player character - you - Shepard)TaliFormat for Bonus Powers replacing P:Format: GivePower Target PowerName. Example: GivePower self Shockwave Note: Most powers reset on gameload, the only powers that don't are bonus powers, which are the only ones I've listed below.Valid Bonus Powers:CarnageDarkChannelEnergyDrainMarksmanProximityMineReaveSlamStasisDecoyProtectorDrone (Defense Drone)BarrierFortificationGethShieldBoost (Defensive Matrix)InfernoGrenadeArmorPiercingAmmoWarpAmmoFormat for Weapons replacing W:Format: GiveItem Target WeaponName. Example: GiveItem Self Saber Note: The heavy weapons can't be aquired this way.ASSAULTargusavengercobracollectorfalcongethmattockreckoningrevenantsabervalkyrievindicatorPISTOLcarnifexeagleivoryphalanxpredatorscorpiontalonthorSHOTGUNclaymorecrusaderdiscipleevisceratorgraalkatanaraiderscimitarshotgun_gethstrikerSMGhornethurricanelocustshurikentempestSNIPERblackwidowincisorindrajavelinmantisraptorvaliantviperwidowlast modified 18 July 2021

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