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Kotor 2 Thief Catching

I have been through the entire ruins and have yet to meet this "thief". There is only one possible area he could be at and it's got a locked door with no options for it. Can't bash it, pick it, or use a grenade on it, so I'm guessing he's in there. Question is HOW THE BLAZES DO YOU OPEN IT?!

kotor 2 thief catching


The thief is the Jedi padawan Kaevee you meet in the Enclave after talking to Daraala and Ralon in the salvager camp--after you get Kaevee to admit she's stealing you go back to Suulru and tell him the thief was not the salvagers and she's been dealt with completing the quest getting the reward...I know this because I've been able to complete the quest during each and every playthrough with the TSLRCM installed

I'm on Dantooine right now and just got the thief quest from Suulru--personally, aside from not following the right dialogue tree, I've never had a problem with Kaevee not appearing or clearing the quest...gimme a few to sell out Khoonda to the mercs and I'll let you know what happens

UPDATE: Talked to both Daraala and Ralon about the thief. Killed the laigreks in the area behind the fountain and Kaevee came running out just like she's supposed to. Got her to admit stealing then made sure she'll never steal anything from anyone ever again losing INF with Brianna in the process

Nope but at that point I don't see you needing one--you've already gotten the quest from Suulru, you talk to Daraala to get the salvager's will quest and Ralon to either buy or take the fake holocron from him. When you meet Kaevee one of the questions you can ask her is are you the thief?

According to content retrieved from dialog.tlk, Kaevee was supposed to be the one who stole Suulru's farming equipment. The Exile could either murder her and retrieve the equipment or take her to the farmer, who would offer her a job. Jorran was subsequently chosen to be the thief.

The enemies in this game aren't like your average Stormtroopers - they have sharpshooter accuracy and great reflexes. You have to move constantly to avoid being shot, and fortunately, you have a lot of mobility options available to you so that you can stay on the run. Unfortunately, the game's FOV is severely limited, meaning you lose a lot of your peripheral vision so I often die from a bullet catching my side or back, but being able to instantly try again made these deaths little more than a mild annoyance. Don't get me wrong, it still stings when I'm deep into a sick combo, leaping into the air towards the final enemy, and then a mistimed swing means instead of deflecting the bullet they've just fired at me, I miss and it shoots me out of the air like a fly being swatted down. But the rage is short-lived as I can dust myself off and go leaping into the air again the very next second. This means that it's easy to approach encounters differently until you find a path through the enemies that works - normally straight through their guts.

The Star Wars video game empire has had a mixed track record since then, which may be why Redditors like Dark-Mall states that they're "not excited for it" and "it should've been left alone". The way the beautiful storyline and engrossing gameplay of KOTOR united fans and critics felt a little like catching lightning in a bottle and, even with an unlimited budget, it might be impossible to recapture.

SPOILERSHas anybody tested if Kasumi can be the one to go through the vents and hack the doors? It seems like she'd fit the description, being an expert infiltrator/thief. Has anyone tested it though? Swordser Buddy, April 7, 2010, 22:45

Her hood looks like thief characters appear on Baldur's Gate/Icewind Dale related games Nearest Character using a bow. Also on Baldur's Gate, when Imoen goes stealth she says "now you see me, now you dont" and Kasumi says "Now you see me..." before cloaking. That and the fact that her alternate outfit is redish-pink (like Imoen) makes me think it is another obvious reference to a Baldur's Gate character.

According to IMDB, Kasumi who is voiced by actress Kym Hoy will appear in Mass Effect 3 provided she survived the suicide mission at the end of Mass Effect 2. Because of Zaeed's appearence in Mass Effect 3 it is safe to say that our favorite japanese thief will return to fight the Reapers. 350c69d7ab


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