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2. the other issue is that when i make it so that the site is in french, nothing happens on the page after i try to make it in french. it is in french, i can't find the source for it, and it is not french. i did everything they said, but i didn't have my email working. so it kept saying that there was an error in the code. i fixed it and then went back to the site in french and it said that there was an error in the gcompris code. i tried everything from other people's site that it said i could try but i just couldn't do anything that would make it work. i even ran this code they said:

manor script l2 free download

gcompris_path = "c:\program files\gcompris\gcompris.exe"if defined(@gcompris_path) @gcompris_path endifif defined(@gcmpris_exe) @gcmpris_exe endifif defined(@gdil_path) @gdil_pathendifif defined(@gsades_path) @gsades_pathendifif defined(@gsades_cmd) @gsades_cmdendif gcompris << "erreur" end it didn't work. i checked the paths and they are all right, but it just does not work. i get the error: gcompris << "erreur"i tried it with and without the code and it still doesn't work. it starts making the game, then says it finished, then goes back to the site and says there is an error in the code. i even tried it on another computer and it didn't work. i really want to use gcompris. it really helped me make my site, and i love it. i want to use it so i can help others with their sites. please help me fix these issues, or you can tell me if there is something else i can try.

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