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Cat Destroyer Inf Coins

Try to achieve the highest score by surviving as long as you can. You can also upgrade your cats and customize them further to enhance their power and cuteness by using a coins that you collect in the game. Coins can be collected by hitting and making a big explosion by hitting everything while running. There are also a secret bonus stages where you can collect more coin. In short this is a better, cuter and more epic version of a Jetpack joyride game.

Cat Destroyer Inf Coins

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Yharim Worm is a secret post-Moon Lord boss that can be fought anywhere. The player should be very prepared as the boss deals very high damage along with fast speed and projectiles. Defeating it only drops coins and nothing else. Yharim Worm has 100 segments in total.

Blade Dancer - It was stated that blade dancer is a mixture of blade master, force master and destroyer. However, its tank is not as well as blade master, or its DPS is not as well as force master, or its crowd control is not as well as destroyer.

Within the Citadel were large vats containing bioengineered organisms strong in the dark side of the Force, along with countless Sith statues, Sith guards, Sith cultists and a jar containing the severed hand of Vader's son. Though these creations were not Sith, Sidious claimed that any one of them could replace Vader if he were to fall. After fighting his way through his master's monsters, Vader was followed by Ochi to one of the Citadel's lower levels. There, they discovered an entire fleet of star destroyers, each armed with a planet-destroying cannon. Just beyond this fleet was a massive dome filled with red light and piercing screams. Despite Ochi's attempts to dissuade him, Vader entered the dome and came upon his master's greatest secret; a subterranean mountain of kyber crystal, bled red by the Sith cultists who kept it in constant pain. Sidious explained that he did this in order to power the cannons of his fleet. When the crystal was cut, it screamed in pain and sent out a wave of power, knocking off Ochi's helmet and burning his unprotected eyes. Vader suffered as well as Sidious mocked him for attempting to claim his power. Sidious then told his apprentice that if he continued to walk with him, he would never escape his pain. But only by walking with him would he be able to share his master's power. When Sidious asked his apprentice if he had chosen, Vader replied "Yes, my master" before departing from Exegol along with Sidious, Ochi, Amedda and Sly Moore.[170] 041b061a72

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